• Deathstalker

    Owen Deathstalker never wanted to be head of his clan. But when his father is murdered and he himself is outlawed by the order of the Empress, Owen must face the fact that destiny has other plans for him…

  • Deathstalker Rebellion

    Owen Deathstalker, heir to the mighty warrior lieage but “Outlawed” with a price on his head, has no choice but to embrace his destiny as the challenger to Queen Lionstone XIV. Galactic rebellion is only the beginning in this sequel to the national bestseller Deathstalker.

  • Deathstalker War

    Owen Deathstalker’s rebellion continues to strike out against Imperial tyranny, taking the battle straight to the Empire’s heart on the planet of Golgotha—but the cunning Empress isn’t about to surrender without a fight…

  • Deathstalker Honor

    Owen Deathstalker became a hero after the great rebellion against the tyranny of Lionstone XIV, and now political factions are quarreling over who will replace the deposed Empress. But Humanity faces an even greater threat—an encroaching invasion fleet of alien origin…

  • Deathstalker Destiny

    Owen Deathstalker’s greatest love—Hazel d’Ark—has been abducted by the Blood Runners, a culture dedicated to the extremes of genetic experimentation. Stranded in a mission on Lachrymae Christi, Owen busies himself with the task of ensuring the survival of the leper […]

  • Deathstalker Legacy

    A century has passed since Owen Deathstalker sacrificed himself for humanity, and a Golden Age of peace began between the many species of the galaxy.

  • Deathstalker Return

    Branded an outlaw and hunted by agents of the Empire, Lewis Deathstalker must stop the encroaching Terror that threatens all of humanity. But he can succeed only with the help of Owen Deathstalker, who supposedly died more than 200 years […]

  • Deathstalker Coda

    As prophesied, Owen Deathstalker has returned to save the Empire from the mysterious entity known as the Terror-leaving his descendant Lewis with the task of leading an army against the legions of the madman who has usurped the throne.