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 Post subject: Deathstalker-ish Crosover Time/Chrono Error In Moonbreaker
PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:59 am 

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I noticed a major discrepancy, time/chrono-wise, with the crossover transmorphing battle droid.


It says that it came back in time from the Twenty-Third century.

When showing the future battle, pinnaces are described, "Blasting through the long night they came. Silver needles flying in perfect formation.".

It then goes on to say that "Machines and makers work together as equal partners Because all that lives is holy.".


In the Deathstalker series, when Owen went back in time, he couldn't even identify any of the multitude of ships he saw, which means none of them even looked like a pinnace.

Alternate universes were shown to have identical times, as shown by the alternate Hazels from alternate timelines.

Transmorphers were one of the beings on Halcedama that Shub knew about, and were made from a cartoon and toy line.

Shub's saying of "All that lives is Holy" didn't come about until later, after the transmorphers were revealed.

Two hundred years later, during Lewis' time, man and machine had truce, but were certainly not equal partners.

The First Empire, where Giles came from, had the first Emperor Ethur, who had, at that time, had occupied the Steel Throne for over four hundred years.

Giles himself had come from nine hundred and fourty-three years in the past, and given that he looked to be in his early fifties, and Ethur had not met him yet when Owen met him, and Giles was just a child at the time, it's conceived at the time Owen met Ethur, it was a full thousand years before Owen's time, during which the transmorphers were found, but Shub had not as yet become friendly.


This all means the transmorpher must have come from, at least, the Thirty-Third century, not the Twenty-Third, if not later.


Even given for the possibility the First Empire came from the Twenty-Third century/2200s, Ethur would have had to have been born in the 1800s, before which time he required the chair to use as a life support machine for the next four hundred years, which is conceivable, given the magic and super-science of the past, from the Nightside, Droods, and who knows what other agencies of the times. But, then again, since he came to the throne after Owen met the Illuminati, which more then likely took place in the Twenty-Second century/2100s, given that people were just starting to go into space, but were still using projectile weapons, and people were still watching shock-talk shows on TV, Ethur more then likely was born in the 2100s, before taking the throne, making it the Twenty-Sixth century/2500s, or later, when disruptors were shown to be in use.

This means that when Owen found Giles, and later the transmorphers were found, and later Shub was brought around, it would have to have been the Thirty-Third to Thirty-Sixth centuries/3200s-3500s, and the tranmorpher Eddie and Molly found, even though from an alternate universe, would still have to have come from at least the Thirty-Third to Thirty-Sixth centuries, if not later.

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