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Author:  ThatNickGuy [ Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  Canadian Nightsider

Heya folks and Happy New Year!

I'll try to be brief, but then again, I'm having a bit of late-night insomnia, so consider yourself forewarned.

I'm a 33 year old Canadian, born and raised in the Maritimes (Atlantic Canada, especially New Brunswick) currently studying Elementary Education in Maine. I'm a huge comic book nerd who could honestly recommend something to anyone. A lot of my comic book interests these days are mostly away from the mainstream "Big Two" (DC and Marvel) and more for the creator-owned properties. Some of my favourites include Criminal, Elephantmen, Kabuki, Chew, and The Unwritten.

As far as Simon R. Green goes, he is without a doubt my favourite writer. Admittedly, the only work of his that I've read so far has been the Nightside series. Not for a lack of interest in the others, but given my busy schedule as a student over the last few years, I just don't have a lot of time for casual novel reading.

Just this past week, I picked up A Hard Day's Knight, which only recently came out in paperback. The last few Nightside releases, much to my dismay, have been released first in hardcover. Which...honestly bugs me a little because the series (as far as I've seen personally) has been in paperback for the majority of it. I'd been waiting impatiently for Hard Day's Knight while the hardcover teases me on bookstore shelves.

I'm also a writer, myself. So far, I've had about half a dozen short stories published, three of which published in the online superhero fiction quarterly, A Thousand Faces. This past summer, I completed my first full-length novel, which I'm now shopping around. I mention this specifically because Green's Nightside novels (along with John Zakour's sci-fi detective novels) have been a great inspiration.

Without giving too much away, my novel is - hopefully - the first in a similar series of mostly self-contained adventures. Rather than a fantasy detective series like the Nightside, though, this is more like supehero detective fiction. The main character, Dilbert Pinkerton (friends call him Dill), is a "shoots first, forgets questions" kinda guy. He's also a mutant armadillo. He digs for the truth.

I had an artist friend do what I hope will be the cover some day. I don't believe every (or most) publishers are open to accepting covers not handled in-house, but...well, I hope they'll reconsider when they see Chris Shehan's gorgeous cover. Click on the thumbnail to biggie-size it.


Aaaaand, that's about it. Sorry, I didn't meant to rant so much. Or self-promote. Though honestly, without John Taylor, there wouldn't be a Dilbert Pinkerton. So I can't thank Green enough for that, at least.

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