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Sleepy Hollow
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Author:  Hilde [ Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Sleepy Hollow

Well I must admit that when I first saw the trailer on TV I thought it was just going to be an attractive British guy prancing about the screen chasing about a monster of the week.
But you know, I gave it a go anyway because nothing else was on and some of my friends assured me it really was a good show.
And guess what: it IS.
So I would really recommend it :)

Basically the premise is that Ichabod Crane is a soldier under George Washington, beheads the horseman but gets killed by him in the process. And both of them end up waking up in contemporary Sleepy Hollow. Supernatural badness ensues, I won't spoil the plot, you can all spoil it for yourselves via google I'm sure :P

And corny as that sounds, it actually works, and I find myself thoroughly enjoying the show :)

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